LOUD - a national treasure? Image: Dan News

EXCLUSIVE: Jevan Goulter's lost music video unearthed


EXCLUSIVE: Following this morning’s explainer on one of the most mystifying men in politics, Jevan Goulter, Metro can now reveal his long-lost 2012 video LOUD, described as “a bad high school speech, auto-tuned”.

Thought to be lost to the mists of time, the video has been helpfully provided by Dan News.

Featuring the world’s first transgender MP Georgina Byer and a small cast who intermittently call out Goulter’s name (“Je-van!”) along with other less audible backing vocals, the video also features Goulter himself dancing on the steps of Parliament in a (faux?) fur jacket, and taunting his haters while dressed as a little boy sailor with a life ring around his neck.

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Oddly political (why Parliament?!), this thankfully resuscitated video is surely a national treasure.

Lyrics are as follows:

I been around

And look who’s laughing now

I got the sound

It’s time to turn it up loud

I’ve been around

And look who’s judging now

I’ve got the sounds

Yeah I make it loud

Jevan Goulter - pop star. Image: Dan News 


I make it loud


I make it loud


I make it loud


I make it loud


Our nation’s paparazzi

Are writing shit about me

The blogs are going crazy

Jevan’s a headline story

Creating controversy

Coz this is all about me

Infamous in that scene

Coz they all love to hate me (hahaha)

When you say you'll help your mate out with their art project but then you kind of regret it. Image: Dan News

My gear’s in overdrive

Pulling that 9 to 5

You can’t stop me

I will survive

Lovin' livin' my life

I live it loud


Then things get kind of hard to parse, but the lines go something like:

I live it loud

[Nothing can stop me now]

[Pulling that 9 to 5]


I will survive

Lovin' livin' my life


And then Georgina Byer says: “Is that T for Trannie?”, pointing at the cross around her neck. Because she’s dressed as a priest, obviously.

Flexing on the steps of Parliament. Image: Dan News

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