"Oh hey. didn't see you there". Bo the Irish setter in some nice greenery. Photo: Harriet Pudney

Isolation animals: Bo Derek the Irish setter named after a 70s supermodel (and knows it)

As we enter the second week of lockdown, many people are thanking God they've got their animal pal in their bubble to help them through the next four weeks. We know there's a lot of serious news about at the moment, so we're running a series of profiles of the pets helping their owners through isolation as a little breather if you need one. This morning: Bo Derek, the dog who's named after a supermodel (and knows it). 

*NB Bo technically lives with her co-owner Harriet in Melbourne and is not in lockdown; however, her household is in isolation and she is very beautiful so we're running this anyway.

If you'd like to submit a profile (with pictures) of your isolation animal, email metro@bauermedia.co.nz

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Name: Bo Derek-Gualfredo 
Age: 3.5 (she’s a Virgo)
Breed: Irish setter 

Like her names sake, Bo knows her angles. Photo: Harriet Pudney

Likes: Sardines, undivided attention, human beds, all men, hunting flies.
Dislikes: Anyone touching her ears, following instructions, bath time, when she can tell one of us is about to leave the house. 

Bio: Bo was named after a 70s supermodel, and she knows it. She’s very fancy. We met when I answered her owner’s ad for a housemate on Facebook in July 2018, and have since become great friends. She’s extremely popular around our place in North Melbourne - often seen sitting outside a cafe when things are normal. The guys at the Irish pub love her. Bo is also a proper bird dog. Her grandfather hunts with her in the winter and she points at mynahs and magpies in the park. We would prefer she didn’t start fights she won’t have to finish.

Going for a socially distanced run on the beach. photo: Harriet Pudney

Fun fact: This is actually Bo’s second media appearance - she’s been on the cover of an Irish setter club magazine here in Australia. A born star. 

How she’s getting us through isolation: Bo is absolutely regal in her bearing, but she’s also a clown. Right now I’ll take the laughs where I can get them, and that’s often Bo running down the hallways and leaping over the washing basket like a show jumper. Plus, there are the obvious benefits in terms of encouragement to exercise and couch cuddles. I suspect she’s loving having so much company. 

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